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sprayed cemen Tsystems for mining

  • New technologies in concrete spraying for tunnel …

    2021-7-13 · Concrete spraying is one of the most demanding tasks in underground mining and tunnel construction. The quality of the sprayed concrete variates critically between operators, and talented operators are difficult to find. In addition to the basic requirements for a high-quality application of sprayed concrete, such as

  • A Shotcrete Adhesion Test System for Mining Applications

    2012-8-30 · Shotcrete is a specially blended, cement-based product that is pneumatically sprayed at a high velocity on the exposed surfaces of underground openings to provide ground support. In underground hard rock mines in the western U.S., shotcrete is generally used as an integral part of a ground support system consisting of multiple components.

  • Early-Age Strength Measurement of Shotcrete

    2015-6-6 · Shotcrete or sprayed concrete is a special concrete designed for spraying onto a surface, as a construction material. With shotcrete application as a ground support system ever-present in both mining and tunnelling sectors, a major requirement of drive progression is to determine when it is safe to reenter beneath freshly sprayed concrete.

  • How robots and automated equipment are mining the future

    Shot Tech Robotic Arms, Supplies and Expertise. Shotcrete Technologies has been providing quality products and services to the industry since 1979. Make an Enquiry. 1431 Miner Street, PO Box 3274, Idaho Springs, 80452 Colorado, United States of America. [email protected] .

  • Fast Binders & Accelerators

    Fast Binders & Accelerators. 120MPa high performance binder. Rapid set time, can be modified. Rapid set, multi-purpose high performance binder. Only requires the addition of water. Addition for cementitious systems to improve set time, speed and compressive strength. Non-shrink. Impervious to water if mixed correctly.

  • Solutions for the Mining Industry

    Normet – for sustainable tunnelling and mining

  • Shotcrete logistics in underground mining

    2015-8-4 · Transport via pipe system This option implies the same advantages and disadvantages as in the case of using pipes for the wet mix from the surface plant. For concrete mixing and transport in underground mining, have a look at our …

  • Choosing the right synthetic fibres for spayed concrete ...

    2021-5-11 · Roland Mayr explains how selecting the right structural synthetic fibres for sprayed concrete depends on when and how the concrete will be loaded. Fibre-reinforced sprayed concrete is widely used for rock support, with fibres replacing conventional mesh reinforcement. It can be applied safely, fast and in a highly mechanised way.

  • Best practice concrete spraying for underground mine ...

    2010-5-3 · Best practice concrete spraying for underground mine openings. At Bauma 2010 in Munich Normet introduced the Spraymec 8100 VC, the most advanced model for concrete spraying in its Spraymec series. It is an electro-hydraulic self-propelled mobile concrete sprayer that optimises concrete spraying in projects with variable tunnel cross sections.

  • Shotcrete and Concrete Spraying Equipment and …

    Making sprayed concrete react fast (TamShot AF range) High performance alkali-free accelerator for sprayed concrete applications. Spray between 5% and 7% for most projects to attain the J2 early age strength requirement. Stable …

  • Safety in underground mining with mechanized shotcrete ...

    2015-7-20 · Sprayed Safety: How does mechanized concrete spraying increase safety underground? Falling and moving rock is one of the major causes of death in underground works. In South Africa for example, the fatalities caused by falling …

  • Sprayed Concrete | Underground construction | Tunnel …

    2021-8-31 · Master Builders Solutions advanced systems for high performance sprayed concrete. High quality, durable shotcrete ( sprayed concrete) has become a vital component of ground support and stabilization in both tunneling and mining. Wet mix sprayed tunnel linings create state-of-the-art, monolithic and composite structures with a substantial ...

  • Tekcrete Fast®: Fiber-reinforced, rapid-setting sprayed ...

    2018-1-1 · Even in mining applications, concrete materials are sprayed over welded wire mesh as a reinforcement layer. Required mining stand times can exceed 50 years in main haulage ways, shaft bottoms, and crusher locations. Underground construction for water conveyance, tunnels, and transportation systems require long term stability, as well.

  • Wet Mix Concrete Spraying Equipment

    Spraymec LF 050 DC. Spraymec LF 050 DC is a diesel-hydraulic self-propelled mobile concrete sprayer for modern mining operations in small and medium size tunnels. It features a new Normet NSP 30 concrete spraying pump with maximum theoretical concrete output of 19 m³/h with diesel operation. Details. Details.

  • Sika Tunneling & Mining

    2021-9-20 · Concrete Spraying Systems Large volume concrete spraying and applying sprayed concrete to large sections call for mechani-zation of the spraying process. Highly mechanized concrete spraying systems are globally offered to the market by the alliance partners Sika and Putzmeister for this purpose. It makes no differ-ence whether it''s for mining ...

  • Mining

    2021-11-5 · For over a century, Sika has been involved in highly challenging tunneling and mining projects around the globe. Sika supplies solutions for the largest and technically most complex projects - from below the Atacama Desert in Chile inside the large Chuquicamata block caving mine to the Gotthard base tunnel 2,500 meters below the Swiss Alps.

  • Sika Technologies for Mining

    2021-11-19 · SIKA TECHNOLOGIES FOR MINING Concrete MAIN REQUIREMENTS OF CONCRETE IN MINING Strong, fast and reliable wall-face reinforcement is key in underground mining. Concrete has to be designed to withstand the particularly demanding conditions. Transport routes, especially those experiencing high volumes of traffic and/or the concentrated …

  • Reinforcement of sprayed concrete for the Mining Industry ...

    2021-11-1 · Reinforcement of sprayed concrete for the Mining Industry in South Africa. Unreinforced sprayed concrete, like unreinforced concrete, is a brittle material that experiences cracking and displacement when subjected to tensile stresses or strains. Most of the cracks in concrete are due to the inherent tensile weakness of the material.

  • Shotcrete

    In 2018, the ShotCrete app was introduced as a quality improvement tool for sprayed concrete in the Boliden Area''s mine in Renström. Today, they expect the app''s success to spread to other Boliden mines. Ike Ubaka, a development engineer from the Boliden Mining Technology department, has been working with operational support for shotcrete ...

  • How robots and automated equipment are mining the future

    2021-11-9 · Today, the use of sprayed concrete in civil engineering structures such as mines, is a crucial part of successful, highly productive, and safe rock support systems. Through automated technology such as SmartScan, concrete application and repairs are completed effectively through AI calculating and monitoring the thickness of sprayed concrete.

  • Shotcrete

    2021-11-10 · Shotcrete and Gunite are names used in the world of sprayed concrete. Gunite was developed in 1895. and uses a dry mix concrete pumped to the nozzle with compressed air and water added at the nozzle. The concept was developed just after world war two. The system is a premixed wet concrete that is pumped to the spray nozzle by compressed air.

  • Theseus: Harmonization of Global Mining & Tunneling ...

    Solutions and patents by mining equipment manufacturers were examined. Next, worldwide standards and regulations relating to power supply system of mining and tunneling equipment were researched and examined. Next, the sprayed concrete technology was researched and the Spraymec 8100 was presented generally.

  • Normet

    Normet sprayed concrete systems contribute to the outstanding quality of sprayed concrete structures and maintain a consistently high resale value and low lifetime costs. The product range varies from mining Spraymecs with 6m practical …

  • Centrifugal sprayed concrete for lining horizontal pipes ...

    2014-5-23 · At the New Afton mine the specified sprayed concrete lining thickness was a minimum of 50 mm. In spraying the ASTM C1550 test panel in the above-ground test chamber the concrete was centri-fugally sprayed to a thickness of 100 mm on the panel and test chamber walls, before cutting back the round test panel to the required 75 mm thickness.

  • Solutions for the Mining Industry

    2021-3-31 · Permanent sprayed concrete linings Alkali-free accelerator MasterRoc SA Accelerator for sprayed concrete for fast buildup and early re-entry 6 Solutions for the Mining Industry MasterRoc SA alkali-free accelerators are added at the nozzle and accelerate the setting and hardening of the sprayed concrete. They provide high early strength gain

  • Normet – for sustainable tunnelling and mining

    The use of sprayed concrete in tunnels, mines and other civil engineering structures is an important and integral part of successful, highly productive, and safe ground support systems. The Normet teams experience with mix design and application of sprayed concrete (i.e., shotcrete) for both tunnelling and mining is our main competence.

  • Sika Technologies for Mining

    2021-11-26 · support like shotcrete (sprayed concrete) or durable transport infrastructure made out of concrete is growing accordingly. duct, it is polyurea based and Sika can provide dedicated products, expert knowledge and service in modern day mining. SHOTCRETE CONCRETE Sika offers a range of coating products that either protect your structure from abrasive

  • Mining & Tunneling

    2021-11-23 · Sprayable membrane for waterproofing concrete structures. Spray-applied membrane can be applied between layers of sprayed or cast-in-place concrete, or applied as a stand-alone membrane, exhibiting high bond strength to the substrates on both sides of the membrane. High bond strength to substrates Good elasticity

  • Australian Centre for Geomechanics | Conference Paper ...

    Abstract: Shotcrete, a globally employed support system of choice in underground mining, is required to perform its support function not only over the expected life …

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